The Best And Cheapest Internet plan I've Found

And it is.


I use over 200GB a month and download at speeds exceeding 20mbs all for a very affordable price of N10,000 per month. It beats and has benched my Smile Unlimited plan, Spectranet with their 100% bonus and even the speedy Swift. It is the best thing that has happened to my internet life this year. No more fear of spending up to N50,000 a month on internet because the monthly bundle plan with data cap finishes in one week.

With Ntel I stream without fear and set the quality to HD. I download without bothering about the size, in fact, I bother about my hard disk free space more than I bother about my internet data access. I upload my tutorial videos without fear. I run webinars with the best streaming quality my PC can handle and not handcuffed by the speed access/limit of my internet plan.

I watch Netflix, Hulu and Udemy videos without a single worry about my internet running out quick. I watch YouTube at HD quality. I update all my software without any worry. I update all my many phone apps as often as new updates come out. In fact, I have them set to auto-update.

Now you know what I mean by the best thing to happen to my internet world this year.


  1. Hi, I just want to know if your Internet connectivity spans through out out Nigeria if I can get that service in bagels a state. If it does kindly send me there contact or website where I can connect also.

    By the way well done on your trainings and blog post, they have been very enlightening this year. Wishing you God speed in all your endeavors.


    1. Hi Naomi.

      Thanks for the kind words/feedback.

      I am not sure if they've come live in Bayelsa state. But you can keep a check at to see coverage areas and updates.


  2. Hi, I just heard about Ntel's supposed "speed" from my senior managing partner two days ago, now you... Hmmm... very tempted...will try it...just that I am tired of packing various modems and dongles!!! LOL ... Thank you for the share...

    1. Lol. Especially at packing different modems and dongles. Me, I have got used to lugging them around. You never can tell when the tables turn and the bad becomes the good, vice-versa.


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