You Can Access All MIT (World's Highest Ranking University) Courses And Materials For Free


It's amazing that those who have the most reasons to withhold knowledge are the most generous givers.

Like Ivo Welch's amazing Corporate Finance textbook which I benefited immensely from without paying a kobo. Helped me break into the Finance world, even as a consultant.

Also the book that got me started on Python and taught me more than all the other books I bought: Automate The Boring Stuff With Python by Al Sweigart

Even the book I am currently using to learn Data Structure and Algorithms: Problem Solving With Algorithms and Data Structures using Python by Brad Miller and David Ranum.

And we have got one of our own, Ade Oshineye, repping us nicely. He is a senior engineer with Google and has co-authored a highly rated book that is also accessible freely online: Apprenticeship Patterns

But the father of them all is that which MIT has done: making virtually all their course material available freely online for anyone to learn from without paying a kobo. Topnotch quality material from the world's highest ranking University.

You can access it all at: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Open Courseware. You won't get a certificate at the end. Knowledge is your reward.


  1. Thanks Mike. Very useful information, as always.

  2. thank you for the information also still waiting your reply on my request

  3. Mike i so much like your approach to life. Thanks. Have you heard of cousera.


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