It's Today: Webinar On Analysing Large Data Records With Pivot Table, Power Pivot and Power BI

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Don't forget to join in at 4:00pm today via 

I spent hours yesterday setting up the webinar platform. We are using YouTube live streaming and I had to install new video encoding software and hook it to YouTube. Had some glitches, tried two different software and in the end paid for the one I got to finally work. Also going by the test result, it is going to be an easy to join in webinar with excellent quality -- you just click on the link,, at 4:00pm and you are in, regardless of your device. Works for all types of phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

I will be showing you how to use Pivot Table to analyse large records of data easily without sweating or using any formula. Pivot Table is Excel's special tool for analysing large data. I will also be showing you some interesting tips about Pivot Table.

Then we will progress to analysing data that are too large to bring into Excel. Data that have more than 1.048 million records. For that we will be using Power Pivot. It is still Pivot Table but with extra power to handle millions of rows of data.

I will show you how to use it with the Power Pivot add-in in Excel 2013 and Excel 2016. You can watch my videos on how to enable them in Excel 2013 and enable them in Excel 2016.

Then we will progress to doing the same analysis using Power BI. In fact, I will recommend that you download and install Power BI now if you want to be able to practice along with me. I will make the recording of the webinar available to everyone, as usual.

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