Gone And Overdone It: Subscribed To Harvard Business Review, Time, Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Wired and Bloomberg Businessweek

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Well, after last week's post on resubscribing to Economist I found out something remarkable -- the magazines are crazy cheap when you choose to have them delivered to a US address.

I paid over times five the price I would have paid if I had chosen USA while subscribing for the Economist.

 So I decided to check out the other magazines: Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Time, Fortune, Wired and Bloomberg Businessweek. The price differences were equally large. And it was the only way to subscribe to Harvard Business Review.

So how will I get the magazine here in Nigeria if I pick USA during subscription? I use a mail forwarding service from www.myus.com that will receive all the magazines on my behalf and ship to me here in Nigeria. And in other to reduce my shipping cost, I will have them consolidate the magazines for an entire month before asking them to ship to me, that way I get to pay a much smaller fee per magazine. Next month will be my first shipment month since the first issue of the magazines take 4 - 8 weeks to arrive, I will check the calculations then to see if I haven't made a foolish decision.


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