Embarking On A New Big Adventure

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I am almost done with my plans to radically change everything again. My business and lifestyle. 

I will be further reducing my contact with the world around me. Meaning I will be more reclusive. And it is because that is the only way I can squeeze out more time for the things I want to do. So in practical terms, I will avoid all conferences, events and social meetings. 

Second major change is that I am permanently shutting down the consulting arm of my business ad cutting back on training. From October, as I have been booked out this September, I will set aside at least 10 days for building my software solution business. It is the future for me and my business. And the earlier I start the better. I will be making the necessary sacrifice of time needed and income from training forgone.

Though I am beyond all doubts convinced that going that direction will be more rewarding in the end, I am also willing to be wrong. There is nothing I do now that can't be undone. No mistake I make now that I can't recover from. That is the beauty of youth. I can try out all the ideas I have and bounce back from every setback. 

I want to teach myself the skill of making hard choices. Saying no to present gratification and focusing on a big goal. I want to be able to say no to the very opportunities I labored the  entire 2014 and 2015 to create. Now that I should be enjoying the fruits of those hard labor I am choosing to move on to something else. It is painful and going to be difficult to pull through. But I have decided to head that way. 

I am going to a lot more difficult to reach by phone because phone calls have become the conduit of stress to my life. I get too many calls a day. Too many people pulling this way and that way, though will financial rewards. Some are amazed when it takes dozens of phone calls to eventually each me. They want to give me money and I'm making it hard for them. "Why?", they ask. On some days, I feel like I'm selling my soul for money. Working almost 24/7. But it's not for the money I do most of the work, it's mainly because I don't know how to say no. People don't accept my no. They press me till I say maybe, then a conditional yes and finally yes. I am terrible at negotiation. The only crude strategy I found helpful is to avoid picking calls.  I put my phone on silent and far away. 

Now I have to do more. And on one hand, it makes no sense. To turn one's back on the very people one will someday need. To be a loner. To leave an increasingly isolated life. To turn business away and the valuable contacts I'll need in future. I can see the repercussions in the end. But, again, it's not about the money or what a sane person would do. It's about me and regaining my life. The kind of life I am happy living. The type that suits me well. 

So I'm embarking on this adventure. It's crazy but not scary. It's probably not the best but I would rather live with the consequences than not trying at all. 

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