Recording Of The September Webinar And We've Updated Our Excel Training

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The only constant is change. Or should I say: only change is constant. Well, they both mean the same thing. And for me the latest change is that I have revamped our monthly class training. I have improved the content to cover new things and focus more on the business application of the skills covered. Now, it is more of a two in one training -- the hard skill part of Excel and the soft skill part of business application (with business cases) sharing my deep on-the-field knowledge as a full-time business data analyst.

If you would benefit from upgrading your business data analysis skills and learn real-life application of those skills across different industries, you should sign up for our next session coming up in October. Get more details here: Executive Dashboards, Business Data Analysis and In-depth Excel Training.

Last week Tuesday, we had our monthly webinar. This month's was on Pivot Table, Power Pivot and Power BI. If you work on large data records and want to up your game, you should watch the recording of the webinar. Here is the YouTube link: Pivot Table, Power Pivot and Power BI.



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