The Start Of Something Big

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Always aim beyond your reach. 

Everyday I think of what would happen if my dreams come true. How it would be like to hit my goals. And what big thing I can start.

I live an impersonal life. I don't take things personal. I don't evaluate the world from my own stance. I think of the world as a system. A system that is built on a set of principles. And regardless of who I am or what I think, those principles won't bend for me. It makes life much easier. It makes it easier to follow my analytical thoughts and take decisions that surprise people.

I just resumed putting money back in the stock market. And I don't feel any bit worried or unsure of what I am doing. It is a simple logical decision to me: the economy is shrinking and people are pessimistic; stocks are priced lower than usual and it won't be like this forever. Soon people will become optimistic again and the economy will rise, and my investment will rise with it. I don't try to overanalyze or just watch. It is not about me; it's just how the system works. After every recession comes an expansion.

I keep focusing on my niche business because the logic is plain and sensible to me. The data analysis industry is one of the fastest growing in the developed world. Everyone from Microsoft to Google is trying to get a piece of it. My worries shouldn't be if it is not too narrow but if I would be well equipped when the growth flood reaches Nigeria. It's how the system works. Though we always come late to the party, we never miss the party. I just have to be well positioned to ride the wave when it arrives.

I am learning to build web apps. It has been very difficult because of the time constraint and having to sacrifice part of my current business time. But it's also a simple logic to me. The world belongs to those who create things. The most profitable companies are not the distribution companies but those purely into creating. If I keep at this difficult goal and successfully become a web app developer, the payoff will be huge. It will mark a new era for my business. I would be able to build both the desktop version and web/cloud version of the solutions I make for companies. It's all plain logic. There are companies with less than 12 staff and are making billions of Naira yearly. And they are all in the app business. The learning curve is very steep but the payoff is unmatched. That's just how the system works.

We are meant to create ourselves, to extend our reach and aim very high. At the start of anything big is not someone big but a big aim.


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