On Writing Daily. Where Do My Blog Post Ideas Come From?

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Most people work a 9 hours a day, 5 days a week job. Mine is from the moment I wake up to the moment I force myself to go sleep so as to wake up early the next day. So I work an all (awake) hours a day and 7 days a week job. And sometimes with no break throughout the day. Yet I manage to do a blog post everyday.

I know it is an extremely intensive and consuming work life, but it's the only way I can grow my business. I am at the survival/start phase of my company and it is the phase where you give it your all. The harder you work at this phase, the quicker you'll get to the next phase and be able to slow down. 

Almost everything I am doing at this phase is foundational. In the last one year:

  •  I have written from scratch the comprehensive Excel training manual I use, 
  • I have recorded a 7 hours video Excel course (took months to make)
  • Started a monthly Excel training program
  • Published a book
  • Partnered with over 6 training organizations to handle their Excel courses
  • Created a roadmap for my business
  • Got myself invited for a radio programme as the sole guest
  • Got myself invited for a Channels TV programme to talk about my field of expertise
  • Learned like crazy on the job and wrote seemingly impossible programs for clients
  • And most importantly, worked like crazy to become profitable after several months of living solely on my life savings (and finishing it)
These are things you can't outsource but have to do yourself. I don't know what will work until I do them and see the feedback. But someday soon, I will come upon a blueprint that will work always and move the business from survival stage to growth stage. Then I can get a more normal work life.

So where do my blog post ideas come from? How do I keep up with the daily article writing despite my hectic day schedule?

I don't know where my blog post ideas come from but I do know that my brain works the most when it's 7:15 am and I haven't yet done my blog post for the day. It's like there is a gun to my head and I have to deliver a blog post in 30 mins or something terrible will happen. And I tell you, nothing can motivate you and make you creative better than that. I just have to write, something. Anything.

If you know how short the time I spend in writing the articles you daily see from me is, you would probably not take them seriously and understand why they often have funny grammar errors. On some days, I edit the article after it is already sent out. 

Writing daily has positively changed my life. It helps me start my day with the adrenaline rush I need to face my crazy day. It gives me the confidence that comes with knowing that I can be reliable and steadfast especially when I there is no immediate reward. And it has made me a faster, better and clearer thinker. It is one of the few things that give me an inexplicable joy. And that's why I will continue to write daily.


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