How Do You Stop A Man Who Does Not Give Up?

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I have found a new motivation to do the things I really want to do and to go after the life I want. And that motivation is a modification of the title of this post. In fact, it is the answer to the question - how do you stop a man who does not give up?

You can't. Only God can.

Only God can stop a man who is bent of achieving his goal. Only God can keep him from reaching his goal. It doesn't matter how slowly he progress or far down the ladder he starts from or how many obstacles lie on his path to success or how impossible his quest seems. As long as he doesn't give up, all it will take him is time to get from the "here" to "there".

And that is my new motivation. Now I ask myself -- "If success is certain and not a worry, what would I go after?" If all that it would cost me to get what I want is time, then I had better pick a goal big enough that whatever time it took me to achieve it, it would still be a marvellous feat.

If I could do anything, what would I do?

It's like aiming for the moon and being sure you'll reach it. So in my case, I aim for a very big goal that will force me to do more of the things I enjoy doing. Life doesn't have to be a compromise between fulfilment and wealth. If there is a goal that can get me both and if that goal is attainable, then that is what I am going after.

I don't have to bother about what everyone else is doing or run using another's time/timepiece. My success is my own project. I have to manage it as a responsible and sensible project manager. I have to list out the resources I need, make a project timeline and follow strictly the project plan. Rather than following someone else's project plan and timeline.

The moment you make it sink into you that your success depends on you and God on your side, you let go of distractions. All that would be left is that you ensure that you set a big enough goal. Make the journey, especially if it would be tough, be well worth the goal.


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