MVP #62: A Quick Tip On How To View Duplicate Entries In A Record Using Excel

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This is going to be a quick and easy to replicate tip.

I will show you how to highlight duplicate values in a table in Excel. In MVP #51: Removing Duplicate Values In Excel I showed you how to remove duplicate values. But there are times you don't want to delete the duplicate values instantly; you want to see them and maybe show them to your colleague or boss before deciding what to do with them. So you would prefer to just highlight them.

For illustration, I have gotten a fictitious data sample from Domino's Pizza. For some days now the accounts haven't been balancing and one of the cashiers think it is her system that generates double entries for some sales transactions. And so the branch manager has engaged my expert help to extract the raw data from the system and bring it into Excel, then check if truly the system erroneously generates duplicate transaction records.

Each sales transaction has a unique ID, so a duplicate entry will have an ID that has already been recorded.

So let's proceed to fish out those suspect entries.

Highlight the Transaction ID column, goto Home menu, Conditional Formatting, Highlight Cell Rules and Duplicate Values.

Confirm the formatting to show up on duplicate IDs found.

Result is shown below.

The cashier is right. Her system is generating duplicate entries. The branch manager will need to have the system replaced.

That's how uniquely valuable being able to highlight duplicate entries is.


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