If You Stand Still, You Are Actually Going Backwards.

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If you don't go forward you are actually going backwards, because the world will pass you and leave you behind.

We now live in a very competitive world. Gone are the days when only the royals could determine the pace of growth. A lot more people are educated in this age and are putting to active use their education. People, in quantities and qualities not previously seen, are trying to change every field of human endeavour and push the human race forward. Everything changes drastically in very few years.

Just 15 years ago, there were no mobile phones in Nigeria. Today, it's almost impossible to live without one. There was no MTN, no Globacom, no Etisalat and no Econet/Vmobile/Celtel/Zain/Airtel. No Slot. No one knew Computer Village. It's now a miracle how we lived then.

The most interesting part of this fast paced change is that it wipes out the companies and people who stand still, and empowers those who are constantly stretching themselves.

There was a time Nokia dominated the phone market. It was even regarded as a highly innovative company and object of many research papers on corporate success. Now it is dead. Both in the phone market it once dominated and even as a company. And why? It didn't move forward fast enough. iPhone and Android came from nowhere and killed it. 

Whenever you stand still, you are sliding backwards. 

In your career, if you don't keep improving and learning new skills, soon all your years of experience will look inferior to the skills of a fresh university graduate.

In your relationship, if it is not growing it is actually dying.

In your personal life, if you stay within your comfort zone you will keep missing out of the abundance around.

In all that matters to you, you mustn't stand still. Always keep moving forward.


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