How To FInd Your Passion

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I think the best way to find your passion is simply to make the most use of whatever resources you have today, to take the best of the choices you have today and to never stop improving.

I know it sounds a lot different from what most of us think. A lot of us think finding our passion is more of a soul searching exercise. Having to look within for the one thing we feel we are born to do. In reality, most people have found their passion by adapting to their changing world and working crazy hard to rise above the limiting circumstances around them than by looking within for the one thing to say yes to. 

The problem with trying to think out your passion is it usually leads to frustration and doubts. Our reality is always changing. The world within us and the outside world never stay constant. What you are crazy about today may no longer appeal to you in a year's time. Then the opportunities you considered in thinking out your passion may dry up faster than you imagined. Nothing stays the same and you'll gain more from being pragmatic than being dogmatic about your life decisions. Especially in the choice of your passion.

If you simply do whatever your hand finds to do and put in your best always at what you do, you will with ease find answers to a lot of your life's questions. 

We all have the potential to be whatever we want and most of us want to be highly successful and billionaires. And we want to figure out that sure legit way to accomplish that. We try to find that one thing that we should do with the whole of our heart and head to get to that goal. And we call that one thing our passion. Unfortunately, we all have very limited options at every stage of our lives. But there is a good side to that limitation. To be the best you can be and take your best shot at the success you desire, you only have to take the best of the options you have now.

And like Lord Chesterfield once said, "Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves." If you take care of today, make the most of today; you will inevitably be making the most of your entire life. Everything you are doing today are like sowing seeds of what will grow tomorrow. If you focus more on sowing right and keeping the field of your life well watered, you will have a rich harvest (success) in the future.

In fact, I think you should let your passion find you. Just focus on making the most of each day and the opportunities it provides.


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