Opportunities That Abound For The Creative And Hardworking Nigerian Youth

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The strange truth is that despite the millions of people available to do any job (job seekers), companies trimming their workforce and everyone complaining that there is a murderous competition for every opportunity they come across; there are lots of opportunities for the creative and hardworking Nigerian youth.

If you were to take a mountain top view of the Nigerian opportunities space, you will see people crowded at one end and almost no one at the other end. Everyone is going after the same opportunities; everyone wants to work in the same companies; everyone is focused at one end of the opportunities spectrum.

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There is a side that can be likened to a virgin fertile land; almost no one is looking toward there and it's rich with untapped opportunities. Then there is the side everyone has over cultivated and now it looks like a dessert; all dried up.

So what are those opportunities?

  1. Take out Chinua Achebe, Cyprian Ekwensi, Wole Soyinka and the likes from our literature and school children are left with crap novels at school. There is a lot of space for over a 100 Chimamanda Adichie in Nigeria. That space is like what the Nigerian music space used to be. You don't even have to be a genius to succeed there. Just be creative, write a quality novel or technical book and never stop improving.
  2. Content. There is a dearth of quality content in every sphere of our economy. People sell low quality everything, and still tell you that one is original and the other is fake while both are fake. Our commedians, musicians, OAPs and journalist are more focused on shallow make-me-laugh content than intellectually rich content. Our service providers don't know what quality service means. If you can do anything on a high quality level, you'll have very little competition. 
  3. Excellent craftsmanship. It's funny that our craftsman know extremely little about their crafts. My tailor knows almost nothing that is correct about fabric type and quality. The welders around only know of one metal type -- rust iron -- and they use it for everything even to build a water tank. There is a big market for the educated craftsman. 
And those are just the few I could type this morning. You definitely know more.


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