How To Add An Email Signature To Your Gmail

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We all have friends whose emails always end with the same last two lines:

Loku Bamtasi
Director, LB Concepts, 08012345678

So how do you do same for your gmail account so that whether you send out an email on your PC, your Android phone, your iPhone or your tablet, it is automatically included for you. 

It is called an email signature. And I will show you how to set it for your Gmail.

Login to your Gmail on a PC or Mac.

Look towards the far right corner at the top, click on the Gear Icon. A menu list will appear; click on Settings.

On the page that comes up, scroll down.

Till you see Signature.

Click on the Radio button below that for "No Signature". Type in the email signature you want to set.

Now scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see a "Save Changes" button. Click on it.

And that is all!

Whenever you send an email from your Gmail account using the Gmail website or Gmail phone/tablet app, your email signature will always appear at the bottom. 


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