Which Way, Nigeria?

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It is unfortunate that INEC, under intense pressure, has postponed the elections to March 28 and April 11, 2015. 

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And for some unintelligent reason, the government decided to have the military show off their new kit on the streets of Lagos rather than have it deployed to where it is needed. They caused needless traffic gridlock and insensitive panic. 

I don't even think we have a federal government. It's like we are been ruled by an entire community of brainless greedy puppeteers. They put their puppets in political positions and pull the strings from behind the curtain. They make everyone look stupid. They care only about their ego and pockets. Using all the country's resources to fight their personal battles and doing so in the most nationally humiliating ways.

Everyone knows that nothing unusual has happened since the January of last year when the election dates were set, that necessitates the shifting of the polls just one week to the the set date. And it is same as armed rebellion when the military threatens the citizens and INEC that they would shirk their duties if we go ahead with the set election dates. In what democratic nation does the military dictate what the entire nation should do in a time of peace? 

It's almost like we now live in the worst of times. You imagine the worst a government can do and you can be sure our government will do worse. It makes me wonder why such terrible people should control the fate of a 160 million people strong nation. They say things they should be ashamed to say. They do things no sensible person should do. They have no sense of shame and no desire to act intelligently.

And it all makes me wonder: Which way, Nigeria?


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