Recharging Your Phone via GTBank SMS & Phone App, FCMB Phone App and Diamond Bank Phone App

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I'm now more of a realist. It is one of the side effects of being an entrepreneur. No matter how much I love a brand or a product, I don't put myself at its mercy. I don't put all my hens in the same cage. So I have stopped using just one bank for my personal transactions. I have my money spread across three different savings account from three different banks. And I have their ATM cards and phone app. If one bank is experiencing network issues I don't have to inherit that issue. And if I want to recharge my phone line, I don't want any possible delay.

Today I will be showing you how I recharge my phone lines using GTBank's SMS and Phone app, FCMB Phone app and Diamond Bank Phone app. And I have included a lot of easy to follow screenshots.

The SMS one is the easiest. You simply ensure that you are using the phone you get your SMS alerts on. To recharge that phone, all you have to do is dial *737*amount#
Examples will be --
  • *737*500# to recharge that phone line you have registered with GTBank with N500
  • *737*2000# to recharge the phone line with N2000
I use it. The only drawback is that you can't recharge another phone line, just that one you have registered with GTBank. 

So there is another one you need when recharging for another phone line. It is *737*amount*phonenumber#
E.g. *737*1000*08061235475# to recharge the phone 08061235475 that is not linked to your GTBank account with N1,000

You will be asked to confirm the network and enter the last four digits of your ATM card.

For the phone app, you login to the GTBank phone app. And select Airtime & Payments.

Login to your FCMB phone app. And select TopUp.

Diamond Bank
Login to the Diamond Bank phone app. And select Airtime & Bill Payments. It's a lot like the GTBank phone app.

And that's how you recharge your phone line using GTBank's SMS or phone app, FCMB phone app and Diamond Bank phone app. 


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