I'll Be Using Skype More For My Regular Phone Calls

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This past month I spent over N12,000 on my Airtel line and another couple of thousand naira on my MTN line for phone calls. I already use Skype for free calls and yesterday I decided to the comparison between what MTN and Airtel were charging me and what Skype offers.

MTN and Airtel charges me N24 for my first minute and between N6 and N12 for my subsequent minutes. Skype's Nigerian plans charge 3.3 cents and 3.1 cents per minute (depending on the plan you pick) and from the very first minute. And at an exchange rate of N200/dollar that would be as low as N6.20k per minute flat rate to all networks in Nigeria. So on the surface it looks like a much cheaper alternative for someone like me who is always internet connected.

So I decided to do a test. I bought $10 Skype credit and set my Caller ID to my MTN number. So when I call you from Skype you will see my MTN number. Then I started with the 3.3 cents per minute plan. That will translate to about N6.60k per minute. I am going to make more of my regular phone calls through Skype. I already have it on my PC and my phone.

I did a trial call in the midnight and as expected of Skype, the call quality was excellent. If my calculations prove right, I would be cutting my phone call expenses to less than half of what I currently spend. Or as I plan to, I would be making much more phone calls for the same amount of money. And I would be less reluctant to make international calls as there are crazy cheap on Skype. I would be calling up more foreign companies I can partner with or people I need their services without fear of high call expense. 

And one more cool feature with Skype is that I can buy a US or UK line and put it in my profile, on my business site and on my business card as our international business line.

So next time you get a call from me, it might be a Skype call. 

P.S. >> My radio interview is today. You can listen live if you have the time. It's ICT Radio Show on Nigerian Info 99.3, Lagos, from 1:30pm to 2:00pm. I will be talking on how small businesses can leverage data to grow their business. And a big thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to be prepared and effective. Thanks a lot!


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