How To Change Your Life

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We overestimate the effect our formal schooling and occasional reading have on us. We have more graduates and professors than many other countries in the world and still they are doing way better than us. And it is because we underestimate the effect of our informal environment, the way the culture and beliefs that dominate our subconscious mind shapes our lives. 

And as Oscar Wilde said, it is influences we are under without our conscious effort than determines who we will end up as. It is our informal environment that makes us, not our formal learning. We all spent more effort and years of schooling learning English and yet we speak our native language, the language we were forced to not speak at school, better that the English we put in the most conscious effort to learn.

So when you want to change your life, and not just your academic qualification, you focus more on the informal environment you live in and not the formal schooling you can afford. 

To change your life you need to have your mind immersed in the right environment. You need to join the right informal community. You need to care about the education your subconscious mind picks from the environment you live in. And most importantly, you need to feed your mind with the right influence. Not just books but with an unpolluted air and clean water. You need to get rid of the wrong influences, especially the ones from outside.

Our environment is like a mould. Our education can improve our quality but it is the environment that determines what shape we come out as. You're the product of the thoughts your environment plants into you. Over half of your thoughts come from the culture you grew up in and having to choose between the options the society presents you with. Your preferences and thinking model is the result of the your exposure. Your environment. So whenever you want to change your life, you should focus on changing your environment.

And nowadays, it is very easy to do. When I began my French learning journey I looked for the environment that would help me. When I wanted to start blogging daily, I signed up to all the bloggers that write daily and immersed myself in their world. And now that I am a neophyte entrepreneur, I hang out more with entrepreneurs and the people I see walking the path I am heading. The easiest way I have been able to change my life year after year is by changing my environment, even if virtually.

To change your life, change the environment that feeds your mind.


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