I Paid For Four Different Business Services On Fiverr In One Day

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Yesterday, I finally decided to have a professional help me with some of my business needs rather than keep doing everything myself.

I went on Fiverr and PeoplePerHour to search for highly rated professionals who wouldn't charge me a limb. In a very short time, I found out that the guys on PeoplePerHour are out of my league. Their charges are the equivalent of a limb. So I decided to use the guys I found on Fiverr.

I ordered the following four services:
  1. Redesign my company brochure (View the result)
  2. Create a LinkedIn banner for my profile (Not a perfect job but it was my fault, I gave incorrect pixel specifications. You can view the results here: LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter)
  3. Promote my blog to over 100,000 people (In progress)
  4. Increase the blog subscription numbers (Also in progress)

The entire experience was a pleasant one for me. The two jobs that have been delivered were done in just a few hours and very satisfactorily. The brochure was redesigned by a guy in Europe and the LinkedIn banner was designed by a guy in Sri Lanka. The other two jobs are being done by a guy in Luxembourg and a lady in USA. It's another way of reminding one that the world is indeed getting smaller. 

Fiverr gave me a $5 bonus for spending over $25. It added to the pleasant surprises.

On another note, I am extremely impressed by the Skype subscription features. I finally bought a US phone number and did a $13/month unlimited call plan. I now call my friends and family in the US and Canada for free under that plan. And they can call me back on the US line and get charged what they normally would be charged for a US call (usually free, covered in their plans too). My next venture is to call up all the US businesses I can partner with or be an agent for in Nigeria. Would be targeting those doing businesses that provide enterprise applications. And I'm already calling my close friends in the US to get ideas of what they see working great there that I can incorporate in my business offering or pitch to clients. 

It's also cheaper to call my nigerian lines via Skype. And the best part is you'll never know. It is very clear and shows my Nigerian MTN number if I call a Nigerian line. And it shows my US line if I call a US, Canada or any other foreign line. If you call back it will ring on my phone, whether I am connected to the internet or not. It's like my world just expanded.


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