Is There Still A Place For Talent?

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Alibaba, the comedian, is talented and used his talent to create a rewarding career for himself. But now equally talented comedians are finding it extremely hard to replicate his success. Also it seems the days of getting into football big time based on talent are gone. With all the crap now dominating our music industry, even music is no longer talent based. Increasingly, it's not the talented fellow who rises at work but the one who can lobby the most.

So is there still a place for talent?

Yes. There is still a place for talent in our society. And not just for a few lucky ones who got lots of doors opened for them simply because of their talent. I am talking about everyone who has a talent in anything. There is a place for that talent. It's just that we are constantly getting wrong what that place is. A lot of us expect talent to be like a winning lottery ticket, something that opens doors for us with no effort on our part. We focus too much on the very few who had it easy, who were unusually lucky. And that is where we get it all wrong. We expect our talents to open doors for us, so we idle around waiting for our time. Waiting for a mystery call from someone with the resources and contacts to turn our talent into a money spinner.

Talent is meant to get you to the door. And that's all you should expect from it. Whenever it goes the extra length of opening the door for you, then you should consider yourself lucky. Your singing talent will make you eligible to apply for make singing competition and create solo songs. You shouldn't expect that people will come meet you at home with forms of the singing competition or asking you to come collaborate with them on a song. You will have to go apply for the competitions yourself and work your bottom of creating songs that show your talent. Your talent is meant to make you work harder than those with no talent, and not to replace work entirely. When you see someone whose talent is making him do no work, he is the exception and not the norm to compare yourself with.

Talent makes your work enjoyable and pushes you to do an exceptional work. That is the place for talent, and not as a big lottery ticket.


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