Everyone Is A Moon

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We all have a dark side. 

We commonly say no one is perfect. And like to say it about ourselves. But we avoid talking about our imperfections, the cracked dark side. We would rather cloak it in quotes and generalizations than speak plainly about them. We are like the moon; we have a dark side we hide from people.

We treat our lives like the life-cycle of a butterfly. We are only eager to show off the colorful part of us. We forget that without the hidden egg and the ugly caterpillar, we would not have the beautiful butterfly.

It reminds me of this popular English proverb -- Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.

It's our dark sides that make possible the colorful part. And we should learn to embrace it, be not ashamed of it and make the most of it. Great writers are often the product of a tough and uneventful life, from Charles Dickens to J. K. Rowling. Our youth which we see as inferior to silver hair and try to conceal in the great matters of life is what has made some of the greatest men, from William Shakespeare who wrote most of his plays in his 20s to Martin Luther King Jr who died in his 30s. 

Our strengths lie in our weaknesses. If we will embrace the side of us we are less proud of and try to make something worthwhile of it, we will definitely have a more colorful life as we turn many of the ugly caterpillars in our lives to beautiful butterflies.


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