Visited by Armed Robbers

At around 2:30am on Thursday (yesterday) 4 guys with guns that they kept shooting paid us a terrible visit. 


The house has 3 flats on the ground floor and 3 on the first floor. The doors are metal ones. But these guys were so determined that they bent one to get into one of the flats below and broke through wall and iron burglar bars to get through ours on the first floor. 

And they kept shouting, "Where's the money?" 

I got lucky and wasn't visited. But people extremely dear to me were. Thank God no one was shot or seriously injured.

The sight of what they did to doors and windows will shock you. You would think they came with military weapons that can cut through metals. 

Today's post will be unusually brief. I'm not good at describing crime scenes.

Have you been visited by armed robbers before? This is my closest experience. And I hope my luck won't run out someday.


  1. Yes we have been harassed by armed robbers. Visited is not the right word to describe this i think. Once. I wasn't home. My parents, brother and grandma were. My brother was hit on his fresh appendicitis surgery sutures. No one was hurt otherwise.

  2. You're right: harrassed is the right word. I can't imagine the excruciating pain he would have gone through! I hope it didn't lead to an injury for him.

    It's a terrible life they live.


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