The Luck Within

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We've all heard of people who won millions in a lottery. 
Remember the MTN Airplane mega promo? Even the winner, Gladys, thought it was a scam when she got a call from MTN. You can still read her interview via this link. She opted for the N64 million cash equivalent of the airplane. During the interview, she said she did not remember taking part in the lottery. And that she never imagined having that huge sum of money and was shocked. 


Here's how she put it:
"I have never fainted in my life before, so when they called the amount I did not faint. I just became thirsty, I kept asking for water and I kept smiling, again and again. I thought I was dreaming but with the kind of people I have been shaking hands with, people hugging me, asking to take photographs with me, I think it’s an act of God. I can imagine how many numbers they played and mine was singled out, just like that."

Now tell me: isn't that luck? I'm sure if you had met her and told her that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and she must have been prepared someway, she would begin to think you want to ask for some money. How can you factor in preparation when she already said she couldn't remember participating in the lottery and even accused the MTN staff that called her of trying to "scam" her? She wasn't any bit better prepared than every other person that participated in that lottery.

Truly, there is a luck that comes with preparation. But this one wasn't that kind of luck.I prefer to call this: pure luck.

And today, I'll be telling you about a third kind of luck. I call it: the luck within.

Yesterday, I got a mail from one of my esteemed blog readers who is now a friend. She was asking how I come up with the posts I write. It's a question I have been asking myself lately. Where are all these ideas coming from? When I began this one post a day project last year, I was always spending hours on other blogs trying to find something inspiring to write about. It used to be a lot of work and I sometimes end up with no post idea after reading about 20 blogs. Nowadays, I just stare at my PC screen in a half-sleepy way and 5 minutes later I come up with a post idea. Then I place my hands on the keyboard and the words stream out. I don't do any major editing. I re-read once or twice to fix my grammar errors. Then I publish the blog post. And that's all.

That I now write great blog posts and with very little effort is my classic example of the luck within. It's that special type of luck that makes you excel at something in a way you never dreamed of. It comes from within you, and sometimes it doesn't show up until you are the end of your line. When you are almost giving up. And sometimes it shows up the very instant you attempt a seemingly impossible task. 

I call it the luck within because like winning a lottery or getting a surprise business deal (preparation meeting opportunity), it's unpredictable and life changing. 

So whenever you've got a seemingly impossible task before you, and you're dead sure you can't get it done. Just give it a try, you never can tell if it will awake the luck within.

P.S.> It's in God we live, move and have our being. All luck -- pure, prepared for or internal -- ultimately come from Him.


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