Managing Your Emotions

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Emotions are simply what make us humans and alive.

Though it sounds too generic, it's the only proper and straightforward definition I could find. Think about it, the only reason there are this many people on earth is because of the emotion that ensures reproduction. 

We feel hungry. We feel thirsty. We feel happy. We feel sad. We feel tired. We feel annoyed. Besides death, every part of MR NIGER D can be linked to an emotion. If not for the feeling of hunger some of us will miss out of the nutrition part. I only eat when I'm hungry. If something were to go wrong with my hunger emotion, I'm as good as dead. Even the least obviously connected one, Movement, is aided by emotions. If not for the feeling of boredom, some people will hardly move.

So how do you manage your emotions?

Here are the three steps to managing your emotions:

1. Embrace it. 
The second largest cause of malnutrition is people not embracing their hunger emotion. They simply try to get rid of it by eating easy to get snacks. Then they end up being too fat or too thin. And it's like that for every other emotion. An emotion is a pointer to something bigger than itself. Like hunger is to proper nutrition. 

You don't need a documentary to convince you that some Reverend Fathers have an extremely difficult life. And that's why Paul says you need the gift first. And that's why most people marry in their 20s. 

So next time you're feeling depressed, see it as a pointer to something bigger than just having a bad mood. Embrace it. Find the bigger stuff it's pointing to. Maybe it's telling you something is not going right in your life and needs immediate attention. But if you try to only get rid of the feeling, by going to the movies or hanging out with your friends, you are only doing yourself harm. 

So embrace the emotion and find out the bigger stuff it's pointing to.

2. Restrict your response.
I restrict my response to hunger to eating only proper meals. If I'm hungry and I can't get a proper meal around, I delay satisfying the hunger till I get a proper meal.

Not following this rule is the one of the few causes of rape. And all the evils anger has led to.

3. Avoid extremes.
I know people who are always complaining that they couldn't eat throughout the day at work. Because of work. They are always experiencing extreme hunger every work day. And it makes no sense to me. I have worked in same company as a couple of them, and I know that there was no rule against going for lunch. I still don't know how they manage to not eat till work close. Even the extremely busy bosses go for lunch.

And there are those who seem to have an anger gene. They always get into situations that trigger their anger emotion. It's always from one extreme anger to another.

The only extreme I think is good is the one attached to happy emotion. Always be happy. 

And those are my tips on managing your emotions.


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