The Truth About Us We Keep Ignoring

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Whenever I see the advert of Dettol Medicated body cream (not the soap, I use the soap) I feel really sad. What are we turning ourselves into? 
Then I often see posts on productivity that emphasizes the fact that it takes about 30mins for you to regain focus once you've been interrupted.
And there are people who believe every germ they come in contact with will harm them. They've got hand sanitizers they use after shaking people.

And I wonder. How did we make it through 4000 years without medicated body cream & hand sanitizers? And I still remember the medical documentary I watched on how obsession with a germ-free environment is making children in Finland lack essential immunity and coming up with strange illnesses.

There is a truth about us that we are ignoring: our body has it's own immune system. And it's not just against physical germs but also against non-physical ones, like distraction. 

I know people who drink river water daily. And I also know people who drink well water. And they've got more muscles and vigor than the ones I know who wouldn't drink untreated water. 

My job is a perfect mix of distractions. Phone calls from customers and field guys wanting remote support, mails to reply to, Excel-based analyses to do, exchange configurations to make... When I joined it made me miserable. I was having headache every noon and having to do my Excel-based analyses after work hours when there were no distracting mails and phone calls. 
But something happened after 4 months. I became good at juggling the phone calls, replying to mails, configuring the exchange and working on Excel without having to wait 30 or so minutes to regain focus. I could switch from one to the other and regain full focus in seconds.

And it's like that for all aspects of our being. God has made us a special being, able to grow up to face any challenge that comes our way. Able to crush regular germs we come in contact with and able to overcome the regular challenges we face. But we keep ignoring this truth. We keep making life-long plans, permanent decisions that assume we will never be stronger than we currently are, that do not factor in our immune system and keep assuming it will take 30 mins to break free completely from any distraction.

And that is why Reckitt Benckiser will keep making products that we really don't need. It's also why people buckle under pressure, they keep ignoring the fact that they've got an immune system that is toughening them to face the pressure better. 


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