My Favourite Android Apps

I have been using Android phones since March 2010. Then they weren't popular. My first android phone was HTC Dream (also known as G1). It was the world's first android phone.

The G1 came with Android Donut. Then I downgraded to Android Cupcake in order to install Android Froyo. 

Later I bought a Samsung S2 that came with Android Gingerbread. Which I have upgraded to Android Ice Cream.

So Android and I have come a long way. And I have tried a lot of Android apps. I once had this cool app called Shazam; if you were arguing with a friend on the title of the song playing on the radio, Shazam was the perfect judge. Launch it and make it listen to the song for 10 secs and it will give you the artist name, album name and the song track name. It's was like magic then.
I also had a metal detector app, it worked liked the ones used by security men at banks. It would make the phone vibrate when a metal is close by. I had the coolest phone then. And people believed whatever I said the phone could do. 

Today, after hundreds of installs and uninstalls, I will be sharing with you the apps that made it to my Fav list. The apps I think you might find useful too. Most are the best in their categories. And others just suit my needs.

I have my apps categorized on my homescreen: Camera apps, Mail apps, Professional/Productivity apps, News Apps, Tweak/Nerd apps, Explore/Search apps, Dictionary apps, Game apps, System (more like control panel) apps, Survival apps (got my Bible, daily expense logger etc. in it), Social Media apps, eReader apps, Calculator apps, Network Tuning apps, Media apps and Phone apps (Call, SMS, Calendar etc.).

So here are my favourite apps

BTW, did you notice the "Life Tips" and "Life Tips from Michael" apps? I made them. And "My First App" too. Too bad I won't be channeling any more brain resources to making android apps. I'm focusing on Excel VBA.


  1. The list is amazing. Android and you have certainly come a long way. Great that you've built your own apps too.

    I didn't start my journey until pretty recently. But, even at that, it's been an amazing experience all the way. The options and functionality on the platform are just beyond reach.

    My favourite app [without thinking too deep], tho, would be SketchGuru. #Dontjudge. Lolz


  2. Hi Imisi.

    Just went on Google Play to look up SketchGuru. Now I know how the some of my bbm pals make those amazing dps.

    My favourite app is TuneIn Radio Pro. With it I have no dull moments.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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