Useless Information

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Yeah. That's what I call information I don't see any tangible value in. Information like we blink 20 times in a minute. Or, by the time you're 80 you would have walked for 20 years, slept for 30 years and spent 2 years eating.

Unfortunately, those are the type of information we spend time reading online, broadcasting to friends on BBM and posting on Facebook. Useless information. We definitely end up knowing something we didn't know before: something useless.

Then there are the less obvious ones. The ones we tag as gossip. When we discuss other people's lives. And we suddenly grow to become experts at advising people at their back. Giving someone else a lesson about another's life, after mangling his story and making a hundred assumptions. The only thrill in it is knowing more about another's life than he thinks you know. Beyond that, no value. 

Useless information eat our time, creativity and give us a fake feeling of intelligence. And make some teenagers arrogant. They know all these stuffs their parents do not know, which unfortunately have no value. 

How do you avoid useless information?

  1. Ignore them. I still get BBM broadcasts. I seldom read them. And I often have a not-too-high opinion of those who send them. It's not deliberate; you know, you must form an opinion of others and it's only from their interactions with you, and it happens subconsciously. I ignore useless information.
  2. Stop looking for windfalls. Some people are so bent on finding bonanzas that they will look through anything they come across. They will put in for those competitions on Facebook that give a price to the person who is able to get the most likes for his comment. And they will spend valuable hours searching for those type of stuffs online. They are the ones constantly reading their twitter timeline. They spend so much time reading through useless information.
  3. Stop gossiping. This is one is quite straightforward. If you want to analyse another's life, why not do it with the person and not at his back. That way you can really help him and also avoid making spurious assumptions. Feeding someone else (and getting fed too) with useless information.
  4. Be focused. Being focused means not being a jack of all trade (or knowledge). Have an expertise and grow yourself aggressively in it. Stop spreading yourself too thin. That way you will end up feeding less on information (knowledge) that you'll never use.
Well, that's how I avoid useless information.


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