How to Pay For DSTV Subscriptions and Airtel Postpaid Bills on Quickteller

I have written about this in two separate posts before -- one was for DSTV subscription and the other was for Airtel Postpaid bills. 

Unfortunately, things have changed since then. Not just that I have stopped paying for DSTV subscription and now watch CCTV (God bless China. Too bad I'm not learning Chinese). Quickteller has completely changed their site. It now looks like a Windows 8 start screen. And I like it. 

So I have to make a new relevant post, but this time I won't want to bore my readers with two separate posts with lots of repetitions. I will explain both in one straightforward post.

So let's head to the new cool Quickteller site:

Sign up, if you haven't registered on Quickteller before. And if you have, like me, then log in.

It shows me the online payments I have made on the site before.

Lemme expand the DSTV one, so you don't think I was always subscribing to the Family Bouquet.

But for you, you'll probably see nothing under "My Services". You'll be starting from scratch.

And here's how.
At the upper right side of the Quickteller site, you'll see a search box. That's what you'll use. That box will take you to any service you want to make payment for.

Let's start with DSTV subscription.
Type DSTV in the search box.

Ignore the suggestions and click search.

You'll get a result page.

1 item found: DSTV Subscription. And that's just what you need.
Click on the "DSTV Subscription" and Select the Bouquet you wanna pay for. (Compact Bouquet is identified as MINI, others still retain their regular names. Family is Family and Premium is Premium).

Click on Continue to go to the next step.
You'll be required to enter your Smart Card number, email and phone number.
Click on Continue again.

It pre-filled my email and phone number because I have provided them during registration. I just have to enter my DSTV smart card number. And click on Continue.

You'll be taken to the payment confirmation page.

Click on Pay.
You'll be taken to the payment page where you'll provide your ATM card details.

Gotcha! You were expecting to see my ATM card details, ehn? 
Enter your details and pay.

You will get a payment successful SMS and email. Call DSTV on 2703232 to inform them about your payment. It's not necessary, but I like the peace of mind it gives.

Now to Airtel Postpaid line payment. 
Type Airtel in the search box.

6 items found. Well, we only need the first item: Airtel Bill Payment (Postpaid)

Click on it.

Fill in the phone number you want to pay for, email and the amount you want to credit the phone with. I used to pay the exact bill figure I owe, but now I pay more than that so I don't get to pay every month, spending time and extra transaction charge.

Click on continue when done.

The system will pull out your name as it is on Airtel database. See how it doubled mine.

Click on Pay.

Enter your ATM details and pay.
You'll get SMS notification and email.

Welcome to the online world of convenience!


  1. This was totally and truly helpful. The absence of Compact made it totally difficult for me to identify what to pay on quickteller, You made it so easy Many thanks for this, you are an excellent trainner.

  2. 1. Log on to

    2. Select the network of choice (All network Available)

    3. Fill in the required details

    4. Click on pay and you will be directed to the Interswitch and vougepay payment gateway where you will enter details of your interswitch ATM/Debit card To complete your transaction.


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