Be True To Yourself

One of my favorite quotes is: "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." It's by the man I consider the clearest thinker, Oscar Wilde.

One of the greatest good a man can do himself is to be true to himself. 


Here are my tips on how to be true to yourself:

  1. Stop trying to please people.
  2. Live in such a way that you won't find it hard to admit your faults/errors. This is why I don't envy pastors and politicians.
  3. Have true friends. Friends that make it easy for you to accept who you are and not ones you are struggling to keep up with. I don't have any friend I can't tell my salary. If I'm ashamed to tell my friend my salary, then he's not the right kind of friend.
  4. Don't lie. I try extremely hard not to tell lies. And I fail sometimes. But trying has greatly improved my life. Knowing that I don't want to lie makes me more sincere not just with other people, but with myself.
  5. Take risks, go after your dream. While serving in Bayelsa, I took my life savings and went on a tour. I visited all the major riverine communities except Southern Ijaw. Then about a year later, I did something similar. I took half of my life saving and went for a one-month french immersion programme at Cotonou. Taking these mini risks and going after what I really want makes life more than just income and expense. One gets a richer and deeper feel of life. It sometimes put one in touch with one's inner self.
  6. Have a life goal. One that you review occasionally. This helps you discover what truly matter to you and be more true to yourself.
  7. Break free from the crowd mentality. Break free from the mentality of comparing yourself with other people. You're are unique, and being true to yourself means embracing your uniqueness. So you do yourself a great harm when you're constantly comparing yourself with others (your colleagues at work, friends, neighbours and relatives).
I'm sure you know other tips I'm missing out.

When you are true to yourself, you experience a richer and more fulfilling life. And that's the type of life we all should experience. One that is free of deceit and competing with the Jonesses. 


  1. Interesting! Good job michael. I have been reading form you for some time now and I must confess you have been inspiring. I cant really remember what brought me here though(maybe an excel tip I guess) but I have enjoyed a lot more than that, I hope we meet someday..... Take care

  2. Thanks Olumide!

    I'm glad you find my posts a pleasant read.

    We can meet soon, if want.

    My email is let's discuss more. I like meeting new people. Making new friends.


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