Understanding The Future

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The future is not 20 years from now or even 5 years from now. The future is not tomorrow.  The future is not now.

The future is every single year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second from now. Tick. There goes part of the future.

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It's the little things we do over time that create the biggest impact. The 5 mins exercise you do daily as against the 4 hours intense exercise you do once in a month. The few minutes you spend to read daily against dedicating an entire weekend to reading every 3 months. The hello you say daily to those you care about as against the 2 hour calls you make once in a while (I'm super guilty of this, and I even don't make any long duration to them at all). The new skill you invest 10 mins a day in as against a 2 weeks intensive seminar (they now call it boot-camp).

Breaking your goals into small daily activities harnesses the power of the future for you. Because the future is not one day in the coming years. The future is every moment from now. That is the future. And when you make plans for the future, it should be a plan that has an execution time that starts today. Because the rest of today is also part of the future. 

Whenever you have a goal, like getting fit, and you plan big activities that happen weeks apart. Like going to the Gym twice in a month. If you stick to it, you will definitely get fitter. But if you break the goal to daily activities, like 15 minutes mix or aerobics and body-weight exercises, you will have an easier time achieving your goal. You will even enjoy it better than dragging yourself to the Gym twice a month, and you will most likely keep it up much longer. This is because you've spread the goal over a greater part of the future, daily rather than bi-monthly. 

The more of the future you harness, the surer achieving your goals will be and the easier the route you'll have to follow.

Understanding that the future is every single moment from now is the key to having great future plans. Plans that are achievable, effective and non-burdensome. 

Most of my plans are already as such. And after this post I'll be reviewing the few ones that are not yet broken into small activities spread across the greater part of the future. I hope you'll do so too.


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