Working On A Big Client Data Analysis Project Using R

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I am now doing more live projects with R and Python, and at the moment I am past deadline working on a big client project using R.


Due to the nature of the project and as I am not the only party involved in executing the project, I cannot go into the specifics.

The good news, though, is that I am done with the core studying of the financial application of R and Python to investment and stock trading (which is a big area of interest to me). I am done with reading the main materials I got for that learning and I have the needed concepts and algorithm toolbox to dive fully into the practical side of it all. The only problem I have is with integrating with a live trading account. The highly recommended Interactive Brokers trading platform does not allow registration for Nigerians. I am trying to see if I can get a waiver or find an alternative platform that allows programmatically connecting to their APIs for automated trading and analysis. The good news in it all? It is that I will be sharing most of my real world adventures in that sphere and other areas I find practically beneficial to deploy R and Python codes.

I am already working on a daily triggered Python script that will warehouse some interesting social media data for me that will be of use for interesting Naija-relevant analysis. And maybe even predicting some nationally important events. Especially as the 2019 campaign trains are taking off.

If you have ideas you will like me to consider incorporating in my adventures, please do share! Thanks.

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  1. It would be super fantastic and helpful if you share the names of the resources you used for studying. Am aspiring to be a data scientist.


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