Recording of June 2017 Webinar On Useful Add-ins You Should Be Aware Of In Excel

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Today I did the webinar on the add-ins I use a lot.

I work primarily with Excel and do projects for different companies across different industries and different countries/continents. To make my work and life easy I often use some add-ins in Excel.

Some of those add-ins are enhancers, enabling me achieve faster what I could still have done without the add-ins. And some are indispensable, without them I couldn't have gotten the job done.

The add-ins are
  1. Fuzzy Lookup Add-in
  2. PowerPivot
  3. Name Manager +
  4. Solver
  5. Data Analysis Toolpak
  6. PowerQuery
  7. Nigerian Market Data
You can watch the recording of the webinar at

There were some issues at the beginning and somewhere in the middle, you might need to fast forward through those places till I am able to do an edit of the video (hopefully this night).



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