Working On A Dream

Men are in sizes and life is in phases but too many of us fail to realize this. 

There will always be someone doing better than you with much less effort. There will always be someone experiencing what you would like to experience. Unfortunately, that is all we focus on and we don't realize that there are equally people who are looking up to us, who view being like us as the next phase in their success journey. We could be sharing more information with them and showing them how we got to where we are and we would have done the world, present and future, a great favour.

I have a dream and I am working on it. When you read history books, often you don't find the extremely rich businessman nor the musician of the day nor the son of the richest. The people whose names and memories survive for hundreds of years are people who shared their lives through their creative work or helped moved the world forward in very significant ways. Some were rich and many were ordinary men. But almost all were writers and artists. They wrote about philosophy, they wrote about life itself, they wrote about experiments they carried out, they wrote about new theories, they wrote amazing songs, they wrote great novels, they painted iconic images and they were constantly sharing.

My dream is to be that impactful. 

I prefer the beauty that come from living a simple and inspiring life. Doing small things in great ways and telling stories that touch. And everyday, I work on this dream. In fact, this post you are reading is part of that work.

What is your own dream and are you working on it?


  1. Wow! This is truly inspiring Michael.

    it is true that we most times focus on those ahead of us, being consumed with a passion to be like them and get frustrated when we evaluate our lives in comparison to theirs. The missing link we always forget to see is that by reaching out (mentoring, guiding, teaching, or leading) the ones behind, we are unknowingly setting ourselves on a path to the discovery of our true purpose and to outstanding success.

    This seems to be all i need to get fired up to work on a personal project i have been dillydallying on.


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