The Number One Skill You Need To Succeed As A Consultant In Nigeria

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It is marketing.


You must constantly be in the face of potential customers. Prospects. 
You must constantly sell yourself (first, as a dependable expert) and then your solutions. So just as much as your practical technical skills are important are also important your selling skills.

I got fortunate because of the internet. Somehow, without noticing or intending, I have put myself out their as an expert and made myself accessible to prospects worldwide who type into google search.

The jobs/projects we get are because of marketing and the ones we were not awarded were because someone out-marketed us (either using personal connections or some other soft skill but never via hard/technical skills).

Before now I used to think some of us are not capable of marketing or naturally terrible at marketing. But since looking at my own marketing success (which is much understated by my capacity issue), I am now sure that everyone is equally talented for marketing just differently styled. Some people are talkers and will talk their way into getting sales. Another set of some are like me, technical sales inclined, who will use superior product knowledge and implementation expertise to dwarf and gain the confidence of the prospect leading to sales. And I believe that there are still other sets not represented by these two. So if you feel you suck at marketing just know that you are just yet to find your style.

In conclusion, if you want to be a successful consultant in Nigeria you have to find and horn your marketing style.


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