Extreme Beauty

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It is a bestowed attribute and not an intrinsic one.

Have you ever looked at an ant and thought, "Wow, it's so beautiful!" But you have said that about a butterfly numbers without count.

Have you ever looked at a goat and muttered, "It's so cute.". But you keep saying that about puppies and chihuahuas. 

Is it that there are no beautiful ants or that all goats look alike? 

In 2005, I read The Republic by Plato covering the dialogues of Socrates. It, alongside Shakespeare's books, made it clear to me that wisdom is not a product of education or modernization. It is stupidity that education and modernization truly affect -- the less educated ones do the less sophisticated stupid things and the stupid ones among our ancestors couldn't show off on (social) media. If you can't think clearly and deeply, all the education in this world and travelling around the world will only further muddle your mind.

Socrates said it is what we desire and lack that makes someone or something else beautiful. That is why men will always find women beautiful. And most men will find some women extremely beautiful. And that is why women always talk of tall, dark and handsome. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and a reflection of his/her depravity. The short one is obsessed with marrying a tall person. The not so handsome one with marrying sleeping beauty. The charcoal black one with marrying the almost white one. Everyone is seeking what they've been most deprived off -- either by nature or nurture. Even the dull ones want someone less dumb.

When you look at what a person go insanely after and hold extremely beautiful, you will at the same time see what he has been most deprived of. If everyone marries their true lust -- person or career -- the world will be a perfect procession of beauty and the beast holding hands. A beastly career holding tightly to a beautiful mind. A bimbo and a politician. 

Extreme beauty is when you see what you most desire in someone or something else.

Wanna know who/what I find extremely beautiful?


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