Windows 7 Beta, XP and Vista from my point of view

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Windows 7 From Screen Captures

I, like most other computer geeks, am well accustomed to windows XP, in fact, after using Vista home premium, Vista ultimate, Vista business and Windows 7 Beta I now use windows XP on my Sony Vaio laptop.

Windows 7
Pros: It has lots of drivers included already, I was surprised that it detected the right resolution and screen size of my laptop, the atheros wireless, sd/mmc, pro stick duo e.t.c. on installation. I had to only install (I think) Intel PCI driver. It also comes with a lot of new stuffs like the amazing thumbnail feature, Windows Media 12, Internet explorer 8 and it does not complain half as much as vista. Most lovely is the fact that it manages my battery well, enlongating usage time well above Vista. It boots faster than Windows Vista
Cons: The major problem I encountered is the fact that some software would not install in windows 7 (compatibility mode takes care of most) but some will not run well, for example, I could not find the part to enter my visual studio 2008 registration key which shows in Vista and XP. It also has problem connecting to some wireless hotspots, this was what made me remove it.
Note: Some of these might be corrected in the final release.

Windows Vista
Pros: It has better security features than XP, more resistant to malicious programs and comes with thumbnails, windows media 11, Internet explorer 7. It has many new features that can help you arrange your day, e.g., sticky notes, gadgets e.t.c.
Cons: You will probably need to be a little proficient in system administration to install some software and even run others. You will need to run some program as administrator for them to function well (for example, the command prompt, mikroTek USB programmer etc). The annoying 'do you want to continue' dialog box is worrisome and stressful, in fact it is the second major reason why I detest Vista, second to the fact that Vista uses a lot of system resources (RAM).

Windows XP
Pros: It has been around for such a long time, most people are well accustomed to it, things you can easily do in XP may take you a lot of time to figure out in Vista. It uses the least system resources and would install on a 128MB RAM unlike vista that requires 512MB. Most software will install and function well on XP (it's only those marked to be for Vista only that might not work fine e.g. driver software). XP easily connects with most wireless hotspots unlike Windows 7 (this is because hotspots that use old network devices have compatibility problem with Vista).
Cons: Its security is extremely porous and it can crash for nearly any reason. It has an affinity for virus (most viruses are developed with XP in mind).
But I use XP because it does not use lots of system resources and allows my 1GB RAM to be fully optimized for the programs I run.


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