Life Is A Strange War

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Just like in a play
So many things will come our way
As we through this life journey
Some to make us fixed as a pulley
And when we pass through a dark valley
Some to pull our souls into a darker valley
There will be times we feel on top of the world
Only to be left pushed against the wall
And sometimes, you will feel very excited
Only to be left with your soul greatly emaciated

Life in this world is a strange war
A war of thoughts and emotions
With the sword of tongue
And the shield of actions
Having sleep as your nurse
And consoling yourself with daydreams
A war that has no victors
Only escapees and victims

Nobody is better than the other
He can only be more fortunate
For your lot is as by a cast of lots
Though a live dog is preffered to a dead lion
But some live dogs are as good as dead
Decisions made based on sights, feelings and thoughts
Can either be good, bad, foolish or wise
Also, it can be good now to be later bad
The uncertainties of life leave us uncertain
But with God as your decision maker
You will journey through these uncertainties
In the vehicle of rest and certainties
To a destination full of Glory, Joy and Light


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