How to make your laptop battery last real long?

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There are different types of batteries, NiCd batteries, Lead Acid batteries, NiMH, Lithium Ion battery etc. All laptop batteries are the Lithium ion type because of the energy density which is higher per weight and size compared to nearly all the rest. Lithium ion battery degrades continuously starting from the date of production, hence the shelf-life matters when purchasing one.

The Lithium Ion battery type unlike NiCd and lead acid types, dislikes deep recycling, that is using it from fully charged to fully discharged, in fact, if you discharge it to a level too low it might not charge again. Also it hates high temperature, you should be careful where you place the laptop (especially in the car) because high temperature can damage the battery and always degrade the battery faster. So, it is advisable that you do not use the battery below 15% and recommended that you remove the charger when it is charged 100%, then discharge it to 80% and reconnect the charger as this will prevent the heating effect of leaving the charger connected after laptop is fully charged
(This is quite technical, you can contact me for further elaborate explanation).

When storing the laptop for a long time, discharge it to about 40% as this is the recommended storage battery level. Lastly, set your laptop to hibernate or shutdown when the battery level is 20% and to indicate low battery when it is 35%. This will help a lot.


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