Guilty or Not

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We all have sorrows
There is always something that bothers us
Think of an hunter with no arrows
Or a lad trying to ride upon an unbridled horse

There is no one with no worry
Even Akuna Matata that means don't worry
Everyone needs somebody
Only no one needs nobody

Even a victor has once been a victim
No predator is never once a prey
The battle of life
No one can ever master

Life is like a voyage
It demands your courage
Though you can never direct the wind
You can always adjust the sail

Life is beyond what you see
So you need to look beyond what you see
There is more to life than you see
So also a God that you cannot see

Nothing exists without a beginning
Not even the maggots in an enclosed region
So also long before our birth
And the births of those who lived before us
There was a beginning

And for there to be a beginning
There must be an initiator
So to initiate our beginning
There was a creator

Even the clock needs a battery
Nothing exists without a means of sustenance
And for you and I to exist
There is a means of sustenance

Finally, just as a clock lacking no battery
Needs the touch of man
So also man lacking nothing
Needs the touch of God


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