The leaden virgin

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There once lived a very beautiful virgin
Though she was intelligent yet her life was leaden
(Leaden means to lack happiness or fulfilment)
She sensed a depth within her like a void
Full of unexplored mysteries and greatly deep
And on some rare occasions when she is most solemn
She is overwhelmingly moved to tears
But not tears of joy or of sorrow
It is as if the heat of the longing within her
Makes water evaporate from within her body system
Only to be made tears by the coldness of her eyes
A longing for something beyond the physical
Beyond a feeling, a thought or emotion
Greatly deep and indescribable
Yet can be recognized when experienced
It gives a sense of completeness and fulfilment
Creating within you a large mind-emotional inertia
Making you weigh more than the scales indicate
And your emotions and thoughts are not easily swayed
Making plain the mysteries of life
Annihilating the exuberance of an agile mind
Turning wealth and fame to digits and advert
Searching out the essence of life and living
This was the case of this beautiful virgin
Sadly and fortunately, it's same with some of us


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