1. MICROSOFT WORD - writer is a perfect alternative, it often come pre-installed on the Linux OS. I use it both on my Windows OS and Linux, there is both the Linux and windows executable. I even used it for my technical reports in the University, it can read and write Microsoft word file format (.doc) but can only read word 2007 format (.docx).

2. MICROSOFT VISIO - Dia can to some extent be an alternative to visio, just that you might have to save/export the page as an image for you to insert/import into another application like the writer, Kwrite etc.

3. MICROSOFT WORDPAD - Kwrite is a very good alternative and it comes pre-installed on most kde linux version.

4. MICROSOFT NOTEPAD - Gedit, Kedit and Kate are better alternatives to notepad, they allow you to save as a any file format you desire without putting a " " quote. This makes them easily used as a programmer's notepad.

5. INTERNET EXPLORER - There is Opera, Firefox and Konqueror which work just as well or even better that the latest Internet Explorer.

6. WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER - VLC player is a very perfect and better alternative and can play nearly all known popular music and video format. There is also Amarok and Kaffeine.

7. ADOBE ACROBAT READER - There are Okular, Xpdf and linux version of acrobat reader.

8. NERO BURNER - There are k3b and brasero on Linux. K3b has been the most reliable burner I have ever used, especially for burning images.

9. HYPERTERMINAL - CuteCom and Minicom work just as well.


  1. Excellent :) thanks alot for nice article

  2. Thanks for the comment and for following my blogs. Since I started using linux I discovered that softwares I will pay for to install in windows have excellent and cool alternatives in Linux.


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