We all have dreams and aspirations

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We all have dreams and aspirations
Some to overwhelm most intimidations
We all are full of wonderful desires
That make us when tired to refire
We all do have glorious ambitions
Of which we daily create editions
We all design beautiful missions
To achieve our glorious ambitions
But we all do not believe in our dreams
And as the years roll by we make them dim
We care too much about limelight
And fear too much about death snuffing the light
We trade our integrity for a newspaper page
And for fear of death, our sense we cage
Ourselves do we continue to delude
If in our dreams death we exclude
For true greatness is not by size but integrity
And a man’s worth is not in dollars but tenacity
We have to look beyond what we see
Even when the world around pulls us like a sea
And when our dreams seem not to come to pass
Suffering from divers limitations and difficulties en masse
We just hold on and dream a brighter dream
When death seeks to freeze the life of our dream
We will be consoled that a vision In Progress
And a dream fulfilled are of the same essence


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