Been Writing Similar Work Work Stuff The Past Few Days, Need New Post Ideas. Please.

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The too much stress from work has gotten deep into my head and it is undesirably making me write too much work work stuff blog posts recently. I want to break out of that cycle. I need your help.

Some of you have been very generous in giving me blog posts ideas via your comments and emails. I still need more. 

The way the blog post side of my brain works is in a semi-conscious way. Semi-voluntary. The words I type are a conscious choice of mine but the topic to write about is not my conscious choice. Something else deep in my head decides what I should write about, often from what is currently happening in my life, and I am not allowed to protest.

So the only way to influence what I write about is to immerse myself in the type of things I want to write about so that that subconscious topic picker will pick something in that line. And that is why I am asking for your suggestions and ideas. Then I can begin to take my mind off the daily work grind and hopefully write more interesting stuff rather than bore you to anger with work whining.

A couple of people have asked for more investment related blog posts. A few have asked for more R and Python tutorials. Some have asked for a blog post tackling their specific question, since I am now very slow to answer emails and seem like I would rather write a blog post than type out an email reply (not completely true).

Tout a faire, I need as much blog post ideas as I can get. So please do help.


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  1. I believe a post about how you are coping as an SME in light of the present economic travails should be a good read.

    Now that you are building a team, i have someone who studied Maths and Statistics and i had hired him many years ago for a SIWES position based on his solving an EXCEL problem for me. he was till recently a Business Analyst/Accountant/Financial Controller for 1 of the LAGBUS franchisees until recently when changes in government policy killed that business.
    Could you try him out?
    Best regards,


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