Airtel Now Has The Cheapest (in Price to Value) Internet Bundles

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And they call it Airtel smartSPEEDOO.

So yesterday, I decided to dig some more into the offers by the different telcos. And Airtel currently has the best value for money offer. Also Glo has great matching offers but when you consider downtime that is inevitable with Glo, you won't take it as a comparison.

The great data plans from Airtel are of two main categories: Android Pack and Mega Pack.

ANDROIDANDROID 1.01.5GB1,00030*496# Usable on all devices @ 1k/kb all day
ANDROID 2.03.5GB2,00030*437#
ANDROID 4.54.5GB3,50030*438#
GA PACKSSMART 5 *12GB5,00030*452# NO Free Device
SMART 8 *24GB8,00030*460#
SMART 10 **34GB10,00030*462# Dongle /Dongle-Mifi Free
SMART 1530GB15,00060*463# Dongle /Dongle-Mifi / Mifi Free
SMART 3650GB36,000180*406# Dongle /Dongle-Mifi /Mifi / Router Free
SMART 70100GB70,000180*407#
SMART 136200GB136,000180*408#

At N8,000 for 24GB, it clearly beats SpectraNet, Smile and Swift.

I am even reviewing my internet monthly spend and might move away from SpectraNet and Swift which I currently use as my primary internet data provider.

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