Got Delivery Of My Drone And Already Practicing How To Fly It

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Finally, after a 4 weeks wait, the SYMA X5C quadcopter I ordered for was delivered. It will be my first drone. According to online reviews on Amazon and YouTube, it's the most recommended drone for beginners to learn flying with before they move on to more expensive or business-type drones.

The front with a HD camera for photo & video

The back with a microSD card slot and on/off switch

I thought flying it was going to be very easy. Actually, it is easy to fly, it is the controlling how it flies that is not easy. I thought I was getting it all wrong and decided to watch tutorial videos on YouTube. Then I learned that flying drone is harder than driving a car and takes a lot of practice to do well. And for those intending to go on a professional level, they might be better off taking a standard schooling in drone flying. Luckily, this is not a professional drone and comes cheap, so I don't have to go suicidal if I fly it out of range and lose it or crash it hard against something that breaks it. One good thing about this drone, which is why it got the bestseller rating on Amazon, is it can take a lot of beating. I have jammed it against the ceiling. I have rammed it repeatedly into wall corners, the ceiling fan and everything in my room and living room. It has also fallen numerous times from ceiling high crashing right onto the hard floor. And it's still working great.

My C# teacher asked me what I intend to do with the drone. I am guessing that's a question many of you will like to know the answer to. Well, besides now assuming the title of a proud drone owner, taking cool aerial photos and videos, and learning to fly a drone, I have no other plans. It's way cheaper than the mobile phones most of us use, so those intangible rewards are well worth the cost for me.

When I finally get good at flying it, I will be sure to take cool aerial photos to share with you. Maybe photo of the crazy Lagos traffic from sky-high or the landscape in my country-side section of Lagos.

Happy Sunday!


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