Bought Kindle Paperwhite E-reader And Setting A New Business Priority

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Ever caught an unreasonable feeling to buy something? Well, today, I had one such feeling. Nothing I did to resist it worked. Not even GTBank's restriction on my Naira MasterCard for international purchases cured me of the unreasonable feeling. After two hours of battle, I succumbed and used MallForAfrica to buy the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.


I should get it in two to three weeks time.

In another news, totally unrelated to the Kindle fever, I am committing to a new business priority: productivising our services. I am going to scale down my non-scaleable activities. So, more no's to consulting projects till my new team is ready and yes to building new training contents.

I am currently focusing on building R and Python course contents -- text manuals, video tutorials and practice files/data. It is going to take a lot of upfront work and initial slow progress. I am willing to embrace the revenue sacrifice that will come with focusing more on it.

Last year opened my eyes to how easily I can become overwhelmed and the limitations I force on the business by trying to do everything myself and taking up too many one-off projects. This year I am working on fixing those issues.

I am glad that the team experiment has begun. And I am sure that it will work out though I don't know the final form it would take in the end. I am glad that I have been lucky to have team members that accommodate my bad leadership skills and are pro-actively driving themselves to make the most of the current structure. God is very nice to waste on some of us the very gifts other more deserving people seek. I have people who are excellent team mates.

Finally, I would like to warn you that in a couple of weeks, or, hopefully, days, you will begin to see an increase in frequency of R and Python data analysis tutorials. You will be the first beneficiaries of my R and Python training classes.

I hope you stick with me through it all. Thanks!


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