Was A Guest Lecturer Today At Lagos Business School.

If I was the photo type, I would be bombing you today with pictures of me as a guest lecturer at Lagos Business School, taking the Executive MBA students on ___ Wanna take a guess? Try your luck!

image: hotels.ng

I managed to go thoroughly out of scope of their syllabus for the module I guest lectured on, but they were roundly impressed and happy. They kept clapping for me after my session, I thought they were just been courteous. Then after another session with a separate batch, it became obvious that they were genuinely clapping in appreciation. My host had to make them stop clapping, and they resumed after a while.

It was a very pleasant experience for me. And they have requested I come back again and again. I will try to play hard to catch, learned that from the ladies. They were a very pleasant audience. Gave me attention like they paid me directly and needed value for their money ('cos that's usually why my training participants give me rapt attention).

I had better start pitching Harvard Business School for guest lecturing slot. What have I to lose? I might even gain a nice "get lost" reply. It will do me some good, too much praises isn't very good. One need to find some disappointment to balance it all.


You can be sure of a response, a very relevant one too!

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