Unboxed My First Amazon Kindle PaperWhite e-Reader

Today, I received the Amazon Kindle PaperWhite e-Reader I mentioned ordering two weeks ago. It is not exactly like it looked online. It wasn't as glossy and sleek I saw it look online but it's great nonetheless.

Below are the pictures I could amateurishly piece together.

As you would have noticed, I am reading Harry Porter 1. It's a good read any day, any time.

I hope to do more reading now that I have a dedicated pleasant to eyes and touch e-Reader, built just for reading books. Yes, you heard the last part right. It doesn't have a web browser or music or video or game or anything else than book reader.

It has a very pleasant screen, works great without glare both during the day and at night. Plus the battery can last for weeks, I think a month. So no worry about battery juice running out like I used to when reading on my phone.

I already have a library of 192 books and there are many among those books waiting for me to read them. I better back to then now.

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Mike, getting a kindle has been a goal for me for a long time. I want to know the process you used to get it. How much did it cost in naira terms, which site did you use to order for it and other intricacies involved in the buying process. Thanks for the help

    1. Hi Chinedu,

      I ordered it on Amazon via www.mallforafrica.com app. They accepted payment in Naira and charge a fair amount for shipping.

      Ended up paying $118 for the PaperWhite Kindle, including shipping.

  2. Chinedu's question is what I wanted to ask. Kindly respond please.

    1. Hi Abdulhamid,

      Apologies for the delay. Typed in a response now.



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