Working On A Curriculum For R and Python Training Class

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We (UrBizEdge Limited) have added Python and R to the list of courses we conduct class training on. Making our course list total four: Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Python and R.

I am already working on building the curriculum from ground up just like we did the Microsoft Excel training class. There will be a comprehensive training material comprising Nigeria-centric practice data with focus on the business domain. I have started writing the training manual, ground-up, also. 

I have also gathered some of the raw data I would be using for the sample data analysis. I am prioritizing using real data over fictitious data. So I have mined data from the Nigerian stock market and the biggest listed companies. I will be carrying out exploratory data analysis on them and doing time series predictive analysis on them too. This will help participants to have a good feel of the practical real world use of those analysis concepts.

I would then create another set of analysis tutorials around classification systems and Machine Learning. Not yet sure which datasets to seek. 

The good part for you all is that I will be sharing the piece-wise build-up of the content and tutorials as blog posts. In the next few days you should see the one on time series using Python and R. In the end you might learn as much as the training participants would learn if you diligently follow-up with your own practice sessions after each tutorial posts,


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