Bloomberg Market Concept: Completed The Training And Got The Certificate

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I took the 8 hour course, passed the tests and got the certificate. Today.

You can find out about the Bloomberg Market Concepts course here: and

It is more of an all-round financial markets training broken into four modules:

  1. Economic Indicators,
  2. Currencies,
  3. Fixed Income, and 
  4. Equities
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Took away a lot of practical insights for my own financial investments strategy. I also got a lot of ideas of what financial articles to write and send to popular online magazines for consideration as a guest contributor. Yesterday, I sent one to New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider and a couple of others. I am hoping one of them replies favourably.

The finance world is a very exciting world. What I learned under the Economic Indicators, Currencies and Fixed Income opened my eyes to what really is going on in our economy. For instance, we have an inverse yield curve, and it means investors are expecting CBN to cut the interest rates soon. If I were a bond investor, it is technically a time to consider loading up on the long tenure FGN bonds.

Bloomberg Terminal: Nigerian Sovereign Bonds Yield Curve

Bloomberg Terminal: FGN 20-Year Bond rate highest in the last 15 years

I also learned how to dig out information about our international trade. Interestingly, USA is not among our top four trade partners. Guess who they are?

Bloomberg Terminal: Nigeria Trade Flow
China, India, Netherlands and Brazil.

I checked out other insightful data. I am now a more knowledgeable financial analyst and some key takeaways for me are that it's better to invest by asset class and globally than bury myself in the Nigerian equities market. I am working on an investment strategy that will give me a disciplined approach to investing across assets and across continents.

Will keep you all posted on my progress.


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